Tuesday, February 12, 2013

City of Angels

I spent a lovely little weekend exploring in LA with my man. It's a funny city, and whenever I visit, I either really love my time there or hate it. The thing about LA is that, amongst all the angsty traffic, and the smog, and the materialistic crap, there are little pockets of niceties, and in order to have a splendid time, you have to know where those places are, and ideally be spending your time with good people. But really, all of life is sort of mirrored in that fashion. You find the beauty amidst the chaos and you do it with the loveliest people you know.

This time around, I pulled out my granddads old film camera, and I'm trying to make a point to use a bit of film instead of relying incessantly on auto focus and instant gratification. Which is also a nice way of describing my life as of late.

As always, there was good food, good people, good music, good drinks, good talents, and (hopefully!) a good new career on the way. And a little more inspiration to carry me through the day.

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