Thursday, February 28, 2013

A man and his horses: Papa John

Well, it's happened again. It looks like this thing has turned into a full blown photography blog, which really isn't too bad. I'm hoping I can tell a few interesting stories here and there, but for now I'll tell them through the photos I post.

I flew back from Sacramento on Tuesday and my manfriend's dad asked me if I would go down to the stables and take a few photos of him with his horses. I definitely took way more than a few. Papa John Kurtz is John Wayne's alter ego. His house is filled wall to wall with southwestern memorabilia, cowboy decor, and horse paraphernalia. He has this magnificent American Indian headdress sitting on a pedestal in the corner. He crafts amazing things with leather and has painted the most beautiful cowboys and countrysides. He is a real meat and potatoes man, and has conquered absolute mountains in life. He graciously lets my whirlwind messes through his house on a weekly basis. He has raised the most handsome and talented and loving son and the sweetest fun-loving daughters in the whole wide world. And he loves his horses.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Sacto photo shoot: Edith

Today marks the beginning of a new era, I was paid to push the buttons on my camera. Which I suppose makes me a legitimate photographer now? I've spent the past week in my dear old Sacramento downtown/midtown grid, seeing so many familiar faces, hearing wonderful tunes, eating the most delicious food, imbibing exquisite coffee and beer, visiting nostalgic old sites. I will always love this place and the opportunities and friendships I've found here.

This dear girl who I met in nursing school even decided to throw me a bone and let me take pictures of her. We rolled around on the filthy ground, sat in the middle of the road, did our best to run away from the strange downtown folk who either like to yell curses at you or be your best friend, and got away with some pretty photos if I do say so myself.

Without further ado, the beautiful Edith: