Monday, April 15, 2013

Flower Beard

How do you know someone truly loves you? Why, they let you put flowers in their beard of course. 

These were leftovers from the flowers I bought at the farmers market this past weekend. I have a new found infatuation for plants and flowers, and I would really love to get into a bit of organic floral design and small scale gardening. I just picked up a book on cooking with flowers, I've been playing around with making terrariums, and in another month, I will hopefully be making my very first home grown zucchini bread, so I'm off to slow and steady beginnings. Next step, floral crowns and greenhouses, and hopefully more flower beards.


  1. Oh, wow! I need to do this to my sweet husboy immediately.

  2. Ohh I didn't see this comment until now, my bad. You should do it! It was a lot of fun for me, and a lot of beard hair pulling for him haha.